Protecting Your Online Business

The Electronic Marketplace

The online market is already teeming with businesses that have started and grown purely in the internet community. From product sellers to service providers to job opportunities, anything that one could possibly need or think of is just a click away. Such is the success of the internet at creating business opportunities that more and more entrepreneurs are thinking of starting their very own online business endeavors. Those who have successfully harnessed the power of technology for their business prospects serve as examples and inspiration to aspiring individuals.

How did these entrepreneurs succeed in their online business?

A look at the strategies and practices of these successful online businessmen and women will reveal some of the secrets to their success. The aspiring entrepreneur would do well to take into consideration these practices.

Organization is Key

Most successful businessmen share this common characteristic. Organization skills are necessary to keeping a business in good running condition. From organizing procedures to finances to facing challenges along the way, organization is a skill that needs to be mastered and practices religiously. Organization keeps you aware of the details of your business, helps you to keep track of expenses, payables, tasks to be done, deliverables, etc. Without proper organization, any business is already on the brink of disaster and failure.

Record Keeping

Online businesses are mostly founded on trial and error. As an entrepreneur you need to keep track of what works, what doesn’t, and what you must work on and what must be avoided. You keep track of all these details by good record keeping. This does not only apply to the financial aspect of your business, but all aspects of your business as well. Part of being organized means everything is documented for reference and records-keeping. Without keeping the proper records, you will not be able to avoid past mistakes which are detrimental to your business.

Know the Risks, Aim for Rewards

As in any business endeavor, there is always a downside, a risk factor that it involved and be prepared for. Unless you are aware of the risks, you may not be well-equipped to face them and enjoy the rewards that you are aiming for. Study, research, and ask around in order to be well-informed. If possible, ask from individuals involved in similar businesses as yours to be able to gain insight into their first hand experiences about the risks you are about to take and if the anticipated rewards are worth the said risks.

If you are a budding online entrepreneur and hoping for success in your business, keep in mind the above practices to guide you in your operation. In addition to these, a good business foundation will go a long way in establishing your niche in the marketplace. Keep learning and studying the mechanics of online business operations in order for you to be ahead of the game at all times. Learn from the experts whenever possible and always aim to be a business that upholds honesty, integrity, and good business practices as these will go a long way in helping you grow your business.

Holiday Online Business Ideas

Christmas is fast approaching, and to many entrepreneurs, this means more opportunities to do business. It is the ideal time to sell your wares to people who are generally in a generous mood and looking for gifts or tokens to give to their family, friends and co-workers during the holidays. The business-minded individual will grab this opportunity and make all available resources work to his advantage.

Doing business doesn’t have to be a big production that’s too stressful and difficult to start. The best market is already at the tip of your fingers, the online community. Now, you only need to think of what to sell that people will want to buy as presents for Christmas.

Gift Ideas

Since Christmas is a time for merry-making and feasting, what better product to sell than the number one commodity itself – food! A favorite among many, desserts are sure to attract many buyers during the holidays. They are a nice addition to every family’s table during the festivities, as well as ideal to give as gifts to friends and family. Cakes, cupcakes, pies, and cookies are some of the most popular baked goods that are easy to market on the internet. Try to give out some pieces for tasting so that you receive instant feedback on your products, which will encourage other interested buyers to order from you.

Specialty Dishes

Another food item that people love are specialty dishes. A home-cooked special ham, meatloaf, lasagna, meat and pasta dishes are also ideal for Christmas. While some enjoy the preparation and cooking the holiday entails, some people are just too busy to go through all the hassle and would appreciate readily made dishes to bring to their table come Christmas eve. Prepare some of your specialty dishes, take a nice picture of each dish, send out tasting samples to friends and post them in your food blog or other social media accounts with your friends’ reviews. You are sure to receive orders enough to keep you cooking all day during the holiday season.

Personalize It

For those who do not want to give food items as gifts, an alternative gift idea is anything personalized: Stationery, shirts, pouches, pillows, etc. If you are creative enough and have the proper equipment (computer, printer, etc) then this is the ideal business for you. Start by making a few samples of personalized items that you designed and printed (or have it printed if you do not have the equipment), take photos and post on your Facebook or Instagram account. Be meticulous with the small details as this will make or break your reputation as a seller. Be creative, make your designs unique and attractive, and try not to copy from the work of other competitors in the market so that you stand out and attract prospective customers. Be enterprising, too. Ask your family, friends or colleagues what they want personalized, and try making one for them beforehand and watch them come back to you with orders.

Shipping Partner

These are just a few ideas that you can use for your online business. After deciding on what product you want to sell, the next step will be promoting these products and figuring out a way of delivering them to your clients. Since most businesses online depend on shipping via couriers, it would be a good idea to partner with a local courier service that you can depend on.

Protecting Your Reputation

More important than getting your items sold is your reputation as an online seller. At the end of the day, your profits will only be as good as your reputation, so take extra care in transacting with clients. Maintain the high quality of your products and never short-change your customers by doing shortcuts. Be prompt on your deliveries, and always aim for customer satisfaction. That way, you can be sure of repeated sales and word of mouth advertisement from them.

Optimizing Your Online Business

So you have an online business. The problem is, traffic to your site is low. You can’t think of the exact reason why visitors are not hitting your page, and revenues never seem to go up. What could you be doing wrong?

Check Your Content

It could be that your website is the problem. Sure, you have a ton of information that you diligently researched, and loads of data that will interest visitors into buying your products or trying your services. But if these are not presented in a clear, concise and interesting manner, chances are you’ve lost your visitors halfway into all those data.

The nature of online users is pretty much like a window shopper. They check out the items visually, and then decide whether they like what they see enough to go back for it. Same thing is true with the online user. They visually check out your page and see if it’s good enough to keep going through. Therefore, you would do well to keep everything easy to scan and take in at a glance.

First Impressions Last

A potential customer will land on your page and quickly scan it. Naturally, a visually pleasing page is an attention-seeker, but so is a good introduction. This is your chance to make a good first impression on your prospective client, so make sure that your introduction page will make a good impact on them. This will often determine whether they will want to know more and read on, or get information overload and quit right there and then.

So think of the best way to introduce your business, your product, your services, and work it from there.

Another common behavior of the online user-slash-potential customer is that after the good introduction, they will quickly run through the page to check for more attention-grabbing details. This is your cue to keep them reading, and to do this you can insert subheadings and bullet lists.

Why Bullet Lists?

  • Bullet lists are a great way to present all your ideas a straightforward manner.
  • Bullet lists are easy on the eyes.
  • They inform without the tendency to get long-winded, boring, and uninteresting.
  • They are easy to digest and understand.

As much as possible, and whenever possible, choose to use bullet lists instead of whole paragraphs to enumerate points that you want the user to retain and remember for a longer period of time.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Keywords

SEO and keywords are another way to attract traffic to your site, increasing your chances of gaining revenue. Decide on the keywords and page title that you will use in order to optimize your search engine ranking. They should be directly relevant to the nature of your online business as well as long enough to make it unique in order to increase the possibility of appearing at the top of a search engine result.

Be Creative With Keyword Phrases

Keyword phrases are also more ideal than the short, single word ones. The more creative your keyword phrase is, the more chances are that there are no duplicate results when searched by a user. Landing on top of the search results page means the higher probability of visitors checking your site out, which is a good thing for your business.

These are simple tips to get your online business optimized for greater traffic and revenue. Try them out for yourself and see visible results in no time at all.