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          Microprocessor Data Acquisition System

          Microprocessor Data Acquisition System

          New TWJ - 1 data acquisition device by sensors, sampling box, computer organization, meantime with wire connection. A sampler can connect eight sensors, according to each laboratory required channel number of different, can be in several sampling box with wires connecting constitute a parallel form.

          Every sampling box surface has eight wiring socket, respectively with eight sensor connection. Sampling box side two sockets. Respectively is signal of imports and exports. The first sampling box and imports of computer of serial port is linked together, the second sampling box of import and export of first sampling box etc. 

          In turn is linked together,Displacement sensor and wire, wire ends plug separate shapes and installation of fractal insert can, if using digital qianbanbiao sensor, intuitive accurate and reliable. Digital interface without conversion and regulation, interchangeable.


          1. Portable size,small volume,easy to install and hight relidability as well as suitable for outdoor use, especially in situ.

          2. Work independdently and random combination, one acquisition is acquisition apparatus.

          3. Connected with computer through serial interface.

          4. It can work with any computer.

          5. Windows data acquisition processing software,compatible with any computer and operation system, comvenient, stable and relianle.


          7×24 熱 線